We stand on the forefront of technology

The communication world is changing & criminals are optimally utilizing encryption & anonymity to organize & commit dangerous crimes. Our customers dedicatedly work on curbing such criminals & solving the most critical threats such as terrorism, human trafficking & drug abuse. We are committed to create innovative solutions that deliver actionable intelligence for global law enforcement. We are not here to deliver something that’s just good enough. We are the flag bearers of excellence, we are here to take the world from where it is, to the better and safer place it will become, in the years to come.

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We strive to achieve the unconventional

We are a team of technical enthusiasts who have a serious problem with the business as usual. We ensure that very line of code that we write powerfully impacts those in the line of duty. We believe in achieving what’s unconventional & the best something can possibly be. Each one of us at ClearTrail believes that millions of lives depend upon what we build for our customers. We are here to create something that’s ‘unlike ever before’ & capable of making a difference.

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