Intercepted IP PCAP data is grossly underutilized in investigations

The importance of analyzing intercepted IP data for law enforcement has grown exponentially in recent decades as it provides valuable insights about communication patterns. However, the resources, tools & skillset available to an investigator have not kept pace.

Rising volume, velocity & variety of IP data, combined with ever evolving encrypted channels, demands critical action for law enforcement agencies.

Introducing CARBON

Connect, analyze & reconstruct behaviors over networks

CARBON is a stand-alone system for analysis of offline IP PCAP data captured through tactical field systems or centralized LI systems. It supports a wide range of applications & protocols, reconstructs plaintext data and extracts metadata & behavioral insights from encrypted content.

CARBON has an easy-to-use, multi-user web-based visualization & analytics interface for non-linear data analysis to identify key relationships, connect the dots & derive actionable intelligence. It has inbuilt analytics engine capable of analyzing text, image & video that help investigators quickly sift through volumes of data without manual efforts.

Using the inbuilt case management feature, investigators can create multiple cases for specific investigation scenarios to collect & analyze case related data at one place and provide access to authorized users. The decoded/analyzed data can be further enriched with the suspects' CDRs, IPDRs, OSINT & other datasets, all on a single interface.

Capabilities of CARBON

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    Decode & Analyze IP PCAP Data Exhaustively

    CARBON has the same IP decoding engine that powers ClearTrail’s countrywide monitoring solution. It implements deep packet inspection, machine learning, session statistical analysis and pattern identification techniques. Decoding engine has highly optimized footprint capable of extensive network/protocol coverage, thus delivering actionable intelligence from encrypted & non-encrypted traffic.

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    Visualized Data Worth a Thousand Words

    CARBON has an intuitive web-based interface for data analytics and visualization. It provides keyword-based text searching, link analysis, spatial analysis, temporal analysis. It enables investigators to understand and uncover entity relationships & communication patterns such as domains browsed, applications accessed, email ids & virtual ids leaked & device details. Investigators can also create customized dashboards by combining various visualizations to capture data insights in a single view.

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    Enrich Decoded Data to Enhance Insights

    Using CARBON, investigators can enhance the IP PCAP data analysis by combining it with the system’s CDR, IPDR & OSINT analysis capabilities. It brings out new patterns of communication, device usage, location & timelines, & combines this information graphically to facilitate the investigator to correlate identities found in the decoded content of PCAP data with the information available over social media, without leaving the system’s interface.

Knowledge is Power

Read more about the value & specifications of CARBON. We will be happy to hear back from you to discuss how it can be useful for your organization.

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