Inside ComTrail

Suspect Profiling

Perform integrated analysis of suspect’s communication data, such as voice calls, IP Data, Call Data Records (CDR), IP Data Records (IPDR), Social Media Data, etc. to enrich the suspect’s profile & discover connections which would have been missed otherwise.

Accelerated Intelligence Gathering

Add velocity to investigations by generating a quick summary of the resources of interests, like person, phrases, emails, locations, languages, etc. Its advanced analytics capability provides relevant content to the investigator, thereby speeding up the investigations.

Encrypted Communication Analysis

Move beyond analyzing clear-text communication & derive insights from secured IP communication as well. It gives newer dimensions to the existing monitoring approaches by extracting insights like domains browsed, applications accessed, locations visited etc.

Seamless Integration

ComTrail can be easily integrated with the existing mediation devices & agency’s investigation infrastructure. This offers scalability to the modern-day investigative approaches used by the security agencies.

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