Inside ComTrail-NX

Meta Data Extractors

Integrated with the metadata extractors that generate information from even the encrypted data, ComTrail-NX is a platform that is geared to handle massive amounts of communication data, helping investigators find the missing answers in mission-critical scenarios

Reveal Real Identities

Suspects communicate without coming under the scanner using virtual identities. ComTrail-NX helps investigators find ways to uncover the real identities of targets of interest

Build Suspect’s Profile

Suspects leverage multiple networks like 4G, Wi-Fi, DSL, WiMAX, etc. to communicate over the Internet. With ComTrail-NX, investigators can build profiles of their suspects even if they are hopping across networks

Ready to use Entity Profiles

ComTrail-NX has the capability to profile entities to generate a 360° view of events, targets, locations, etc. Being a prominent approach of modern investigations, our system helps investigators discover a newer dimension of intelligence

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