Stay ahead of the new threats emerging in national safety

Criminals today use the power of secure & sophisticated communication channels to carry out illicit activities which are hollowing the spirit of mankind; activities such as arms & drug smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, child pornography & terrorism. As technology empowers the modern criminal, Federal Intelligence Agencies equally well need the right armor to stay ahead of such threats.

Building technologies that help secure nations

ClearTrail is committed towards transforming agencies’ productivity in both the speed & quality of evidence generated. We provide agencies with breakthrough solutions that help generate mission-critical intelligence from massive volumes of communication data originating from local and foreign sources.

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    Invest in failsafe solutions

    ClearTrail’s portfolio of sustainable solutions helps agencies derive maximum return on investments. These solutions are built on modular architecture & can be easily integrated within existing & futuristic systems that agencies invest in to handle ever-increasing crime.

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    Build holistic intelligence

    Collect, correlate & analyze voluminous data emanating from domestic & international sources, to uncover unusual activity. Use behavioral profiling, machine learning & advanced analytics to automate investigations & deliver meaningful insights for taking rapid actions.

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    Uncover hidden threats

    Identify potential targets from volumes of voice & encrypted IP data to create 3600 view of subject's profile based on their online behaviour & usage patterns. Multi-dimensional data exploration & visualization enables agencies to analyze trends & take timely actions.

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