Inside Investigation Workbench

Analyzing Data over a Single Interface

Security agencies use different systems to analyze massive datasets from Internet Data, Cell Tower Dumps, Call Data Records, IP Data Records & Social Media Data. Investigation Workbench helps agencies analyze all these data over a single interface, to accelerate investigations

Correlating Data to Profile Suspects

As volumes of varied data type is fed into Investigation Workbench, it is transformed into meaningfully defined objects and relationships: people, places, channels, events and the connections between them

Intelligence from Hidden Communication

Most of the investigations meet a dead end when the communication is conducted over secured channels. Investigation Workbench provides the visibility to analyze all kinds of communication data across channels and deliver meaningful insights

Powerful Visualization

Investigation Workbench comes with interactive dashboards that help investigators get meaningful information in simplified formats to fasten the investigation. Alongside, it helps them generate sharable reports that can be used by agencies to enable better decision making

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