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  • Standalone IP Data Analyzer

    Standalone IP Data Analyzer

    CARBON processes terabytes of clear-text data, IPDR data & encrypted IP Data Dumps received from Telco/ISP/Monitoring Centers to generate actionable insights.

  • Next-Generation Monitoring Center

    Next-Generation Monitoring Center

    ComTrail provides deep insights from voice & encrypted IP data, including secured emails, messengers. VoIP services, social networks & anonymizers.

  • Country-Wide Communication Analytics

    Country-Wide Communication Analytics

    ComTrail-NX enables Federal Agencies to intercept & monitor communication at a country-wide scale & identify suspects hiding behind encrypted communication channels


White Papers

ClearTrail's white papers give a deep-dive about our technologies, processes around security, scalability & real-world benefits of our deployments across the globe.

  • Encryption in communication: impact & opportunities for lawful investigation

    Encryption in communication: impact & opportunities for lawful investigation

    This whitepaper analyzes the threats & opportunities presented by encryption & introduces the meta-data paradigm of investigating internet communications


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