The evolving communication landscape presents challenges for law enforcement

Most modern day crime has its traces on the communication network. Criminals leverage diverse modes of mostly encrypted communication. As law enforcement agencies adapt to the evolving communication landscape, they are also required to ensure that the solutions they administer abide by the fundamental privacy & civil liberties. This level of complexity warrants the need for an ethical & sustainable system that is both effective and non-intrusive.

Transforming intelligence gathering for law enforcement

ClearTrail is committed towards transforming agencies’ productivity in both the speed & quality of evidence generated. It is our constant endeavor to empower LEAs to address the challenges of data encryption & consumption, solving cases with conviction & velocity.

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    Analyze encrypted communication

    With ClearTrail’s encrypted data analysis solutions, agencies can analyze social media applications, web mails & other encrypted communication channels to generate critical evidence relating to the subject’s behaviour

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    Conduct multi-source
    data analysis

    ClearTrail offers a unified data integration & analysis platform for a seamless integration of multiple systems/data sources. The modular architecture of our products facilitates on-demand integration of third-party analytical tools to uncover hidden connections, find potential leads & take collaborative actions

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    Automate investigations
    for rapid insights

    Our offerings help you automate intelligence gathering by standardizing a successful investigative technique & replicating it on multiple datasets. Our Virtual Investigator records & replays pre-defined explorations at fixed intervals on varied datasets to quickly interpret massive volumes of data & generate actionable insights

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