Forces leading to
re-imagination of the Monitoring Center

Monitoring Center (LEMF) is an invaluable investment for lawful interception of Voice & IP networks. Such systems of the past decade were built to analyze circuit-switched networks carrying voice traffic & plain-text data, in line with the communication at the time.

Innovation in modern communication has created powerful forces to which Monitoring Centers must adapt:

  • Massive surge in communication volumes, with bulk use shifting from Voice to encrypted IP networks
  • Next generation mobile networks enabling high speed data access to smartphones
  • Evolution of new ecosystem of secured emails, messengers, VoIP services & social networks


Monitoring Center to combat modern communication challenges

ComTrail is the next generation monitoring center that enables investigators to rapidly analyze intercepted targeted Voice & IP traffic in a non-linear way using a combination of graphical tools, data mining frameworks & machine learning algorithms. Its modular architecture facilitates seamless integration of multiple systems, data sources & tools on a single interface. This empowers Investigators to “connect dots’ across multiple systems & data sources to identify suspicious behavior, uncovers hidden connection between entities, find hidden leads, profile objects of interest & makes rapid detection to take actions.

Capabilities of

  • 01

    Acquire & Decode Voice & IP Communication

    ComTrail interfaces with the mediation device to acquire & decode ETSI complaint Voice & IP traffic over HI2 & HI3 interfaces. Voice Decoding Engine provides decoding & reconstruction of 2G, 3G, 4G & PSTN traffic. IP Decoding Engine provides metadata extraction & decoding for a wide range of encrypted & non-encrypted IP protocols. It uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to identify communication events from encrypted & unknown datasets.

  • 02

    Integrate Data, Systems & Tools to Enrich Intelligence

    ComTrail has a sustainable & modular architecture that seamlessly integrates tactical systems, data (such as forensics data, external databases, surveillance data) & analytical tools (such as voice transcription & speaker identification) on a single interface to leverage their collaborative strength. Investigators can connect the dots across multiple data sources using advanced analytical & data mining tools to create a holistic view of person of interest.

  • 03

    Analyze Suspect’s Behavior

    Adapting to the reality of today’s encrypted communication world, ComTrail enables investigators to derive actionable intelligence from IP metadata traffic. It reveals the suspect’s communication patterns such as applications accessed, domains browsed, devices used, messaging apps chats & call events. Investigators can rapidly analyze a large number of voice calls without listening to them, but by using a combination of voice-to-text transcription & text analytics.

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