Conventional monitoring approach is obsolete

In today’s encrypted communication paradigm, traditional IP monitoring systems are no longer relevant as such systems have been primarily designed for clear-text content. Suspects take advantage of secured channels, messengers & social networking sites to communicate anonymously. With the availability of multiple modes of communication such as public hotspots, DSL & cellular networks, suspects conceal their communication trail by hopping across such networks. Law enforcement & intelligence agencies therefore need a countrywide solution to derive intelligence from encrypted traffic, & to retain the subscriber information efficiently for pre & post incident analysis.


Derive insights from encrypted data at a massive scale

ComTrail-NX is the next generation communication analytics suite designed for the mass monitoring of countrywide IP traffic. It comprises of 100G Metadata Probes on the one hand, & data analytics services, machine learning & sophisticated, user friendly visualization platform on the other. The probes extract meaningful information from encrypted traffic, which is further processed & enriched by the proprietary algorithms to deliver ready-to-consume interpretations. Its data exploration & visualization platform enhances the intelligence value exponentially by enabling synergic interactions between connected systems.

Capabilities of

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    Reveal Real Identities of Social Media Users

    Encrypted social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube are extensively used by anti-social elements as propaganda channels to spread their ideologies. Suspects take advantage of such platforms as these platforms allow them to create virtual identities & conceal their activities. ComTrail-NX provides a data analytics solution that can map virtual identities to the network identities.

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    Ready-to-Use Subscriber Profiles

    ComTrail-NX provides pre-computed profiles for millions of subscribers at a countrywide scale based on their internet usage patterns. These profiles are updated frequently, providing up-to-date intelligence for pre/post event investigations. These profiles provide information on multiple dimensions such as domains, applications, contacts, locations, social networks, protocols & devices used.

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    Discover Networks Accessed by Suspects

    With the easy availability of multiple communication networks such as public hotspots, DSL & cellular networks, subscribers are no longer confined to a single network. Traditional LI systems are designed to monitor a single network & are blind to the network(s) hopped by suspects, resulting in a significant intelligence loss. ComTrail-NX overcomes this intelligence leakage by discovering multiple networks used by the suspects. It also reveals other potential suspects who access those networks.

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