Collection & Analysis of Open Source Data is complex

Anti-social elements nowadays rely on open-source platforms such as social networking sites, blogs and dark web to communicate anonymously, execute illicit activities and spread negative public sentiments. Investigators need a solution that can help them identify anti-social activities and propaganda against the government and national interest, to further the agenda of public safety.

A massive amount of data is scattered across various open source platforms such as RSS feeds, Web 2.0, social websites and the dark web. Agencies struggle to identify and extract relevant case specific information from these sources. They need to access multiple investigation tools and often fail to sift through & connect the dots across volumes of text, images, videos, embedded languages and formats to identify potential threats.


Open Source Data Analytics & Intelligence

WebTrail comprises of multiple harvesters that extract unformatted, unstructured information from multiple social media platforms, blogs, RSS feeds, surface and dark web. The solution further normalizes the information, implements linguistic analysis, statistical modeling and machine learning to process the data to reveal actionable information.

Investigators can harness its advanced analytical techniques to extract entities of interest & detect objects from text & visual data respectively. The solution is based on a unified intelligence delivery platform that helps agencies to integrate new analytical tools & analyze data from disparate sources on a single interface.

Capabilities of

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    Monitor Social Media Platforms

    The solution facilitates the investigators to monitor social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit and Tumblr. They can analyze suspicious social media activities by exploring keywords/hashtags of interest, user profiles, activity timelines, twitter top trends, geo search and hashtag creator. They can un-anonymize the user through mobile numbers & emails to build conclusive evidence.

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    Analyze Massive Volumes of Text & Images Rapidly

    The solution implements advanced analytics techniques i.e. text/video/image analytics to enrich the information and generate rapid insights without manual efforts. It extracts key entities from textual data such as names, places, organizations and other demographic data. It identifies the sentiments expressed in the text as positive, negative or neutral. It also extracts sensitives objects present in the images and videos.

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    Analyze Dark Web & Cryptocurrency

    Agencies need an effective solution to crawl and monitor ‘unseen’ areas of the web in near real-time. The solution is integrated with various dark web search engines to detect suspicious activities. It provides support for onion websites and categorizes the dark web domains for further analysis. It also enables investigators to identify the cryptocurrency wallet balance and transactions.

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