Newer and Smarter Solutions 

Understanding the demands of the modern-day investigations, we partner with security agencies to design communication analytics solutions that enable agencies with meaningful information for better & faster decision making

Unlock Communication Intelligence

We offer wide range of solutions that help security agencies unlock valuable intelligence by accessing data across communication networks such as PSTN, GSM, CDMA, GPRS, 3G/4G, LTE, ISP Gateway, WiMAX, IDEN, VSAT, NGN etc.

Intelligence Delivery Platform

Our solutions are powered by unique intelligence delivery platform comprising of advanced analytical tools for exploring & visualizing large & diverse data that enables agencies discover newer possibilities in investigations

Sustainable Systems

The rapidly changing communication landscape & budget constraints require agencies to look for solutions which are sustainable & provide long term benefits. With our solutions, we find pathways which can provide continuous benefits & help agencies derive the maximum out of their investments

Accelerated Investigations

We offer a wide range of solutions that help security agencies overcome the challenge of analyzing massive volumes of data in the lowest possible time. We assist investigators in sharpening their intelligence gathering capabilities & making the communication data their biggest asset to solve cases